One of the southmost Baronies of Sardiron, Aldagmor had long possessed rich mines, making it one of the richest and most influential of the Baronies. The area came to particular prominence outside Sardiron when, in YS 5202, an object fell from the sky precipitating the Night of Madness. This event depopulated a large area in the Barony as the inhabitants were turned into warlocks and immediately Called. Subsequently the area became known as the home of the Warlock Stone, or the Source of Warlockry, and individuals who came too close to the fallen object would become Warlocks. This continued for 34 years, becoming a place of fear because warlocks, and non warlocks who got too close, would vanish there when they would became too powerful. In 5236 the Response came, ending the Calling and removing the Aldagmor Source of Warlockry.

The name Aldagmor has been translated as "Mountains of Aldagon"