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Born: about YS 4800,
Age: about 438
Associated with: Dumery of Shiphaven
Novels and Short Stories
The Blood of a Dragon, The Final Calling

One of the eldest known dragons Aldagon, also known as Yellowbelly, was a part of the Great War. Aldagon means "she who is great among dragons," and claims the Aldagmor area was named for her. One of the eldest dragons, she is believed to be roughly 40 yards from head to tail and about 80 tons. Around 400 years old, and she believes herself to have at least a millennium of good health left. She is the fourth oldest dragon in the world, and one of the seven "Great Dragons."[1] She has made plans with Dumery of Shiphaven to corner the market on dragon's blood, a plan which is expected to be explored in more detail in Dumery of the Dragon.