The Misenchanted Wiki

Fauna in the World is widely varied.

There is a full compliment of small wildlife; hares, squirrels, bats, rats, and most other small rodents and mammals you can think of.

There are many common varieties of arachnids, insects, and other bugs.

Many varieties of birds including pigeons, owls, sparrows, starlings, and hawks.

Reptiles, including both serpents and lizards, exist in a wide variety of smaller forms. Ignoring the question of venomous ones, which do exist, there are no examples of either large enough to pose a serious threat to a human.

Amphibians, particularly including but not limited to toads and frogs, are present.

Domesticated animals are present in a wide variety of forms including cattle, oxen, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, dogs, and housecats. Several of these forms have wild counterparts which have escaped and gone feral or are descended from such escapees.

Outside of domestication larger grazing animals are mostly absent. Deer being the primary one that exists.

The only other large predators are wolves, dragons and Mizagar. There are no other similarly sized natural animals.

Fish exist in a startling array of types, and range in size and nature up to the fearsome shark.

Other notable fauna;