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Wizard Spell: Athamezation Spell
Order: 0
Created by: Unknown
Effect: Creates an Athame
Dagger, Candles, Water
Novels and Short Stories
The Spell of the Black Dagger

The Athamezation Spell is one of the first spells an apprentice wizard learns, the process takes roughly 24 hours of uninterrupted casting, but unlike most spells can be safely aborted at any time before its completion by a knowledgeable master wizard. At the culmination of of the ritual a knife is transformed into the caster's athame. This spell can only be completed once by an individual, even if botched, as it binds a portion of the caster's soul to the dagger.

The Athamezation Spell is roughly 1200 years old.

A modified version of the Athamezation produced the Tabaea the Thief's Black Dagger Spell has significantly different results.