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Wizard Spell: Black Dagger Spell
Order: 0
Created by: Tabaea the Thief
Effect: creates a black dagger
Novels and Short Stories
The Spell of the Black Dagger

The Black Dagger Spell is only known to have been cast once in recent history, when it was accidentally discovered by Tabaea the Thief when attempting an unauthorized and botched Athamezation Spell.  This spell transforms a knife into a magical item with a slick black coat giving the description which, in typical Ethsharatic fashion, became its name. This knife can annul most spells, gives the owner the attributes of persons or animals killed by it (physical strength, magical abilities, a dog's sense of smell, a cat's night sight and balance) and also as many lives as the number of those who were killed with the dagger. The spell may or may not also transfer instincts; after killing several predatory animals, Tabaea noticed that she was more willing to seriously consider killing magicians to gain their powers.

The spell is known to senior guildmasters as a forbidden alternative to the Athamezation Spell and is one of the secrets of the Wizards' Guild.  This spell seems to work in much the same way as the proper Athamezation Spell, as it seems either can only be performed once in an individual's life. Moreover, the two spells are mutually exclusive; someone who has successfully performed the ritual of Athamezation cannot create a Black Dagger, and vice-versa.