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Major School of Magic.
This school draws its power from summoned demons.
Novels and Short Stories
With a Single Spell, Taking Flight, The Spell of the Black Dagger

Demonology is a form of magic. At its core Demonology is the same as Theurgy; the practice of contacting beings from another world and negotiating for goods or services. However, demonology is primarily focused on the summoning of one or more demons and convincing them to perform various tasks. The practice of bringing beings to the World from other planes naturally extends into a variety of related abilities such as the capture of souls with which to pay certain demons for their service. Some of these abilities are shared with theurgy, such as banishing unwanted spirits or demons.

Traffic between the realm of demons and Ethshar became more difficult at the end of the Great War. Demons are typically referred to as belonging to a particular Circle, indicating the relative difficulty in summoning them or relative price the demon requests for service. When summoned, demons may require sacrifices in the form of gold, blood, or lives (not necessarily human ones). Demons see all humans as human beings whether they are magicians of any kind or not. While demons will sometimes respond to Theurgy, gods do not ever respond to Demonology.

Demonologists and Society[]

During the Great War, the Northern Empire used demonology extensively to directly reinforce their military forces. The army of the Northern Empire included half-demons known as shatra. In the final days of the war, an army of demons turned the eastern half of Ethshar into a desert with their occult powers.

After the Great War, the use of demonology is forbidden throughout the Small Kingdoms. Although demonology is permitted by law through the Hegemony of the Three Ethshars, the destructive nature of demonology tends to prevent its widespread use. Ships traveling past the Pirate Towns between Ethshar of the Rocks and Ethshar of the Sands sometimes hire demonologists as ship's magicians for their ability to sink pirate ships.

While many demonologists are solitary in their practice some gather in small socieites and organizations which are referred to as part of the Hierarchies.

Demonologists wear black robes, sometimes with red trim. They may also wear a symbol associated with demonology as a pendant upon a necklace.

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Demonologists don't have any standardized emblem, but claws, fangs, and horns are common decorations. A horned skull can only mean a demonologist.[1]

The Demerchan claim to have preserved many otherwise lost secrets of this art, and to thus have it's greatest modern practitioners working for them.

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