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Specialized focus by some practitioners of magic
This specialization focuses on information.

Divination is focused on the answering of questions, practitioners are called Diviners. This is closely related to another specialty which is that of perceiving things at a distance through space or time. This is sometimes considered divination, but individuals who practice this specialty are more prone to call themselves "seers." wizards, witches, and theurgists all make excellent diviners if they know the right , abilities, or gods.


Witchcraft's focus on senses and perception make witches excellent at perceiving the truth of things, and they have an innate ability to sense things at a distance.


As with all wizards, the ability of a diviner is tied to the spells they know and their proficiency with them.

  • Mereth of the Golden Door is a noted wizard diviner.


Several gods specialize in information. The greatest of these is Aibem, though several specialize in particular types of information like Unniel the Discerning and Morrn the Preserver.


The use of demons to spy, gather information, and provide knowledge already on hand was of great use to the Northern Empire during the Great War, and has continued to be a fundamental practice of demonologists into the modern day.