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The Kingdom of Dwomor is one of the Small Kingdoms ruled over by King Derneth the Second and his wife Alris of Dwomor. The population of Dwomor is slightly under eight thousand people. During the time of Karanissa of the Mountains it was a military district, but during the dissolution of Old Ethshar it became an independent kingdom. After several adventures, including slaying a dragon which had been harassing the kingdom, the wizard Tobas of Telven became the court magician and Alorria of Dwomor, one of the princesses, became his second wife.

Dwomor makes excellent wine which is prized by those who have a taste for wine, however their limited production prevents it from being a significant export.

Dragons have been endemic to the hills of Dwomor for centuries, but they rarely survive long enough to reach an unmanageable size.

The Tower of Flame sits in the mountains to the southeast of Dwomor while the flying castle of Derithon the Mage sits somewhere along the boarder with Aigoa .