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Wizard Spell: Ellran's Immortal Animation
Order: 8
Created by: Ellran the Unfortunate
Effect: animated object
salt, the mummified left wing of a carnivorous bat Athame
Novels and Short Stories
The Misenchanted Sword

Ithanalin's Restoration Night of Madness The Vondish Ambassador The Final Calling Stone Unturned

Ellran's Immortal Animation is an eighth order animation spell that is permanent and essentially unbreakable. Any spell linked to this one becomes imbued with these traits by association. An extremely powerful spell, under normal circumstances it imbues the animated object with intelligence.

This spell is one of the enchantments on Wirikidor, though normally it takes two days of ritual and about two dozen ingredients ranging from salt to the mummified left wing of a carnivorous bat. Wirikidor is not a fully intelligent sword because of limitations placed through the other spells added and the flexibility of the Immortal Animation itself.

This spell is also the means by which Ithinia of the Isle animated her gargoyle guardians.[1]


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