Empire of vond
The Empire of Vond is the southernmost of the Small Kingdoms, laying across a strip of uninhabited sand from the edge of the world and the noxious fumes that fill the area beyond. The Empire was founded in the course of events covered in The Unwilling Warlord by the Warlock Vond in 5220 YS subsuming first the kingdom of Semma, which Vond had been hired to save from other invaders, and then multiple other Small Kingdoms.

Subsequent to Vond being Called Sterren of Semma became Regent of the country and sent The Vondish Ambassador to Ethshar of the Spices. The result of this action was a demand of non-aggression between the Empire and several of its neighbors, including Lumeth of the Towers and Ashthasa.

The future of the Empire is an open question, especially with the return of Vond in The Final Calling.


The Empire is composed of the small kingdoms conquered by the warlock Vond before his calling. These former kingdoms remain provinces governed internally but responsible to the government of the Empire. These states include;

  • Akalla of the Diamond
  • Alboa
  • Ansuon
  • Dherimin
  • Enmurinon
  • Furnara
  • Ghelua
  • Hend
  • Hluroth
  • Kalshar
  • Karminora
  • Ksinallion
  • Ophkar
  • Quonshae
  • Semma
  • Skaia
  • Thanoria
  • Zhulura