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Fendel the Great
Born: about YS 4100,
Age: about 1138
Trade: Wizardry
Associated with: Wirikidor
Novels and Short Stories
The Misenchanted Sword

Fendel the Great is one of the most known and powerful wizards in the World with numerous spells named after him and a large effect on wizardry in the world despite his hermetic and generally antisocial nature. A specialist in warding and protections, he survived a tour as a research wizard during the Great War. An immortal who has lived roughly 1,100 years, he is one of the oldest known wizards in the world.[1]

He served his apprenticeship under a civilian advisor and worked thirty years as an adviser during the Great War.

...[O]ne of the Guild's secrets; most people believed that wizardry was an entirely mechanical process of assembling ingredients, reciting words, and making gestures, and that this somehow tapped into the chaos beneath the surface of the World and forced it into a specific action, but actually the process was a good deal more dynamic than that. A talented wizard could feel when the magic was working properly and when it wasn't, and could sense when a gesture needed to be altered, an incantation slowed or hurried, without any conscious understanding of why the change was necessary. A really good wizard could even sense whether other ingredients could be substituted, other words spoken, or the very nature of the spell somehow altered—that was how new spells were discovered.
Such wizards, wizards who could safely change spells as they went, were very rare. The ones who were able to devise multiple useful spells were little short of miraculous. Someone like Cauthen or Thrindle, let alone a one-of-a-kind genius like Fendel the Great, would be remembered for generations through the spells he created. During the Great War the military rulers had tried to force wizards who did not have this incredibly precious natural ability to develop new spells through trial and error, and had wound up with dozens of dead wizards and a good deal of damage to the surrounding landscape—but legend said Fendel could casually invent a new curse or transformation on the spot, and have it work almost every time.

~Ithanalin's Restoration

Known: The Finger of Flame, Ellran's Immortal Animation, Spell of True Ownership, Spell of Perpetual Sharpness