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Wizard Spell: Haldane's Iridescent Amusement
Order: 1
Created by: Haldane
Effect: colorful bubbles
a hair from the head of an executed criminal, a drop of blood from an executed criminal, a piece of the gallows an executed criminal died on.
Novels and Short Stories
The Blood of a Dragon, Ithanalin's Restoration, Ingredients

Haldane's Iridescent Amusement produces colorful, bubble-like effects. Due to it's simplicity, the relative inexpensiveness of the components, and the fact it is one of few spells that do not require an athame this spell is sometimes used as an aptitude test for would be apprentice wizards. It was his abject failure to grasp this simple spell that lead to the rejection of Dumery of Shiphaven as a potential apprentice wizard.

Components; A hair from the head of an executed criminal, a drop of his blood, and a piece, however small, of the gallows he died on.

The wizard spread the wad of brown felt to reveal a lock of hair. He plucked out a single strand with the tongs and held it to one side.
Then, using his other hand, he pried the black rubber cap from the miniature bottle.
He dipped the single hair into the open neck of the bottle and drew up a single misshapen drop of the substance within, and as he did so he spoke very slowly, “Pfah'lu gua'akhar snuessar bitra rhi grau k'l
Then he moved one hand in a circle while the fingers of the other seemed to dance madly about, and then he lowered the hair with the drop of blood down to the piece of wood.
The instant before it touched he said, “Khag s'naur t'traugh f'lethaum
When it did touch, a white spark appeared. The wizard dropped the tongs and let the hair fall – except that it fell the wrong direction... The wizard reached down and picked up the glowing spark between his two index fingers. He brought his thumbs down to it, hiding it from sight.
Then he announced, “Behold, Haldane's Iridescent Amusement!” He drew his hands apart, and there in the air between them, stretching from one thumb to the other, was a string of gleaming polychrome bubbles the size of oranges, each joined to the next at a single point, colors shifting eerily around their surfaces almost as if they were somehow alive.
Then the bubbles all silently popped and were gone, without leaving even a trace of moisture. The wizard touched his hands together and drew them apart again, and there was a new string, the bubbles even larger this time. Where before the commonest hues had been blues and reds, now green and gold predominated.
Then these, popped, and once more the mage drew out a new string, this time milky and streaked with purple.
When those vanished there were no more.
The blood and hair had vanished, but the piece of wood remained.

~compiled from BoaD, p29-30, 33