YS 0The first 100 humans are taught to speak the single original language in the World. (theoretically)
 ? An event occurs causing languages to be confused, splitting the original language into 16 distinct languages.[1]
 ? The third moon is destroyed
 ? The Great War starts
~4000The Athamezation Spell is discovered promoting Wizardry from a minor hobby to a major school of magic.[2]
~4100Fendel the Great is born.
~4400The Tower of Flame is accidentally created.
4753Iridith is born.[1]
4762Derithon the Mage and Karanissa of the Mountains enter Derithon's private retreat, leaving Karanissa trapped.[2]
~4800The Wizards' Guild is established.[3]Aldagon is hatched.[3]
4973Valder the Innkeeper is born[1]
4978Irith the Flyer is born[4]
4995Wirikidor enchanted[1]
4996Great War ends[1][4]
5002Territories around Sardiron of the Waters refuse to recognize the rule of the Hegemony of the Three Ethshars, creating the Baronies of Sardiron[1]
5009Kingdom of Tintallion declares its independence from the Hegemony[1]
5011General Anaran of the Sands dies.[1]
5034General Gor of the Rocks dies.[1]
~5150The Pirate Towns break away from the Hegemony.[4]
5202Night of Madness
5219Chairman Hanner Called[5]
5220Vond becomes emperor[6]
5221Vond is Called[6]Spriggans are created[2]
5224Warlocks banned from the area around Lumeth of the Towers[7]
5226Spriggans reliably seen throughout the Hegemony.
5227Serem the Wise is slain[8]The overlord's palace in Ethshar of the Sands becomes an area dead to wizardry[8]
5236, lateThe Calling ends[9]
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For explicit chronology of the stories see novels.