Humans are by far the dominant race in the World. Even the discussion of other sentient races is seldom thought about, as spriggans are generally considered little more than pests, the gods are sufficiently remote to be considered entirely different in nature, demons are considered dangerous and alien beings, and creatures like mizagar and dragons are generally thought of as dangerous wild animals. Other creatures have generally been extinct for so long as to have been forgotten in all but myth by any but the most learned, such as the Shatra which disappeared after the Great War.

While for post people the definition of human is fairly basic there are some instances where the issue is confused. The gods, for example, recognize humans by their "aura," and consequently do not recognize some magicians as human. This is most particularly true of wizards, who have had their aura altered by their initiation into wizardry as well as demonologists and warlocks subject to the Calling because each of these groups has their own human aura masked by the energies they draw on in the course of their magic.