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Novel: Ithanalin's Restoration
First Published: December 2002, Tor Books
Main Character: Kalisha of Eastgate
When a spell goes awry and wizard Ithanalin the Wise's spirit is split among various piecies of furnature in his study his apprentice Kalisha of Eastgate must see to his restoration.
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Ithanalin's Restoration is the eighth Legend of Ethshar, published after Night of Madness and before The Spriggan Mirror, making it the last Ethshar novel to date to have been published by a big publishing house. Ithanalin's Restoration details events happening in Ethshar of the Rocks at the same time as the events of The Spell of the Black Dagger are under way in Ethshar of the Sands.

The story centers around Kilisha of Eastgate, apprentice to the wizard Ithanalin the Wise, who is left to restore her master after a spell goes awry due to the interference of a spriggan and a tax collector.



  • Kalisha of Eastgate


  • Yara - Ithanalin's wife
  • Kelder Goran's son of Sixth Company
  • Ithanalin the Wise


  • Tellith, Lirrin, and Pirra - Ithanalin and Yara's children
  • Istram - former apprentice of Ithanalin
  • Sprigganalin/that one spriggan
  • Opir - Kalisha's older brother
  • Lady Nuvielle
  • Wulran III
  • Nissitha the Seer
  • Adagan the Witch
  • Istram - Ithanalin's first apprentice
  • Guildmaster Chorizel of Wizard Street

Ithanalin's Pieces[]

  • Mirror -Memory
  • Latch -Sociability
  • Spoon -Amorousness
  • Bowl
  • Coatrack -Fears and anxieties
  • Rug
  • Spriggan -Athame
  • Chair -Cooperativeness
  • Bench
  • Couch -Memory of the secret passage and desire to make a deal with the overlord.