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Javan's First Augmentation of Magical Memory
Order: ?
Created by: Javan
Effect: ?
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Novels and Short Stories
Taking Flight

Javan's First Augmentation of Magical Memory This spell allows a wizard to perform one or more other spells, storing them in memory at completion for later use. While this allows a wizard to have one or more spells available at will, the number of spells they can hold thus is limited, and the wizard is unable to perform other magic while they remain.

There are severe limitations to Javan's First Augmentation. Firstly only a few spells can be held in memory in this way, usually three, up to four if the spells are simple, but only two if the spells are complicated. Secondly the wizard performing the Augmentation cannot do any other magic whilst any spells are stored in this way, and they have to be all used up to reverse this effect. Moreover each spell stored can only be used once. Finally the spells sometimes "go bad" in the words of Irith the Flyer, and do not work properly when used.


A possible example of the use of Javan's First Augmentation of Magical Memory occurs in chapter one of The Blood of a Dragon. A wizard amuses the citizens in the Arena of Ethshar of the Sands using four different effects, without performing rituals for any of these effects, nor using any talismans, potions or powders. These effects are in order:

  1. The Yellow Cloud
  2. a spell creating various coloured smokes (possibly the Polychrome Smoke)
  3. Varen's Levitation
  4. an illusion spell creating a number of images each from the previous

Of these spells the first and third, and possibly the second, are all very low level spells (first or second order), so this is consistent with what we know of the effects of Javan's First Augmentation.