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Javan's Restorative
Order: 7 or 8
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Created by: Javan
Effect: restoration
two peacock plumes - one white, boiling water, jewelweed, 1/4 lb block of special incense prepared in fog or sea-mist Athame symbol
Novels and Short Stories
Ithanalin's Restoration, The Spriggan Mirror

Javan's Restorative "Restores a person or thing to a natural healthy State, regardless of previous Enchantments, Breakage, or Damage." (IR p28)

components; two peacock plumes - one white, boiling water, jewelweed (the leaves of the plant also known as "touch me not"), 1/4 lb block of special incense prepared in fog or sea-mist.

First she went through the motions slowly and carefully without drawing her athame or invoking any actual magic, just to get the feel of them. She recited the words until she was comfortable with their rhythms. She handled the ingredients, sensing their magical natures. She lit a candle and set her pan of warm water on a tripod above a charcoal burner, then opened a vent into the chimney so that the charcoal fumes would not poison her. She lit the charcoal and waited until the water began to steam gently.
And when it did she found a stick and snapped it in two, then placed the two pieces on the workbench.
Then, finally, she drew her athame, recited the initial incantation, and lit the block of incense.
She could feel the magic begin to gather almost immediately.
She proceeded slowly and carefully, crushing the jewelweed leaves in her hand and flinging some in the water, others onto the incense, where they flared up briefly before being reduced to flying ash. Smoke and steam and ash rose and thickened, gathering in an increasingly unnatural fashion.
After some forty minutes of this the entire room was thick with smog, and a great opaque cloud of it hung swirling over the workbench. She made the transitional gestures, completed the first chant and began the second, and with her athame clutched in both hands began to cut the cloud into the shape she wanted.
How she knew what shape to make she could not have explained; by this time the magic was as thick as the smoke. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew that she could not possibly be breathing the air in the workshop without coughing, probably could not breathe it at all, had the magic not been flowing through her, protecting her and giving her power and guiding her hands.
She trimmed and shaped and shaved the thick gray mist, transforming it from an amorphous blob into something roughly resembling a corkscrew, and the magic was strong and easy…
... Kilisha shaped it as she knew it had to be shaped, twisting and carving it into a crooked helix that she guided down over the broken stick. Her eyes stung with smoke, and her hair was soaked with sweat and steam, but she could feel the magic all through her, warm and strong, strongest in her hands as she completed the ritual.
The smoke covered the broken stick, hiding it from mortal sight, but Kilisha could sense it, could see it simultaneously broken and intact as if two images were glowing on the bench before her. And then the spell was over, the smoke dissipated with impossible suddenness, and the stick lay unbroken upon the bench. Kilisha pushed hair from her eyes with a smoke-stained, unsteady hand, and smiled down at the stick.

Ithanalin's Restoration