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Karanissa of the Mountains
Born: about YS 4740,
Age: about 498
Trade: Witchcraft
Home: Dwomor
Married to Tobas of Telven
Associated with: Derithon the Mage, Esmera
Novels and Short Stories
With a Single Spell, The Spell of the Black Dagger, The Spriggan Mirror

Karanissa of the Mountains also known as Karanissa the Witch was the lover of Derithon the Mage, a powerful Ethsharitic wizard. In 4762 YS she was stranded in the pocket dimension on the other side of a Transporting Tapestry when his flying castle was brought down, killing him and leaving his body in a position that blocked the tapestry which would normally provide exit from the pocket dimension. She lived in the pocket dimension, an immortal under the grace of Enral's Eternal Youth Spell, until she was found in 5221 YS by Tobas of Telven. After he rescued them both from the pocket dimension she agreed to marry Tobas and thus became his first wife.

When she was involved with the retrieval of the Spriggan Mirror a flawed three dimensional copy of her was created helping Gresh to figure out the way the mirror functioned. This flawed copy was eventually made into a full person, with all the memories of Karinissa up to the point of her creation. The new copy took the name Esmera (sort of pun and could mean either “from glass” or “a marvel” in Old Ethsharitic).