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Wizard Spell: Lugwiler's Haunting Phantasm
Order: 3
Created by: Lugwiler
Effect: curse
a mirror, black sand, spider’s ichor, a rat’s eyeball, crow feathers, the long outside bone from a bat’s left wing, the wizard’s saliva Athame
Novels and Short Stories
With a Single Spell, The Spriggan Mirror

Lugwiler's Haunting Phantasm is a third-order invocation which causes the subject to see creatures from the corner of their eye causing distractions and disturbance. It is consequently used as a minor curse is generally considered to have no other obvious use. Unlike most curses, it does not require anything from the intended victim, not even a true name. In normal usage it will not take effect until a line of sight is established between the victim and the enchanted mirror; it can be triggered by a command from the wizard when he sees that connection, or set as a booby-trap for the next person who happens into the mirror’s effective area. It has half a dozen deliberate variables in it, including the method of dismissal or other conditions for its effect, all of which must be determined at the time of casting and can be as varied as the spell dissipating when certain events happen (such as an apology being rendered) or only effecting the subject when they are within a specific area.

While miscasting this spell normally produces no effect it sometimes will detonate the mirror. One particular miscasting of the spell enchanted the mirror so that it brought Spriggans into the World whenever one looked into a mirror which had been enchanted in their home world. Wizards are not entirely sure just what the phantasm itself is; whether it’s a living creature, a malign spirit, a minor demon, or an illusion. The are similarly unsure whether it’s really where the victim sees it or if they are seeing something real to begin with. One theory, supported by the misenchantment which created the Spriggan Mirror, is that the spell affects the victim’s vision so that he’s catching glimpses of another reality which is inhabited by the creatures which he sees. It is generally accepted that Spriggans and the creatures seen due to the Phantasm are not the same, as Spriggans lack fur and fangs.

Most wizards assume it’s just an illusion and that the spell plays tricks on the victim’s mind.

Components; a mirror, black sand, spider’s ichor, a rat’s eyeball, three crow feathers, the long outside bone from a bat’s left wing, the wizard’s own saliva, and their Athame