Major Schools of Magic are those branches of magic which are recognized as most frequently studied schools. This frequency is generally accepted to be a result of their abilities and power. Even among the major schools there are relative power levels, with wizardry generally being accepted as the most powerful in modern times with its ability to create entire worlds and grant immortality. Sorcery was once the equal of wizardry, however the loss of many of the ancient secrets at the end of the Great War has significantly reduced the level of modern sorcery. Some contend warlockry may be the equal of wizardry, though it is a purely immediate and physical magic which limits it. Witchcraft is widely considered the least of the "major schools," lacking the sheer power and flashy effects of the others. The power of witchcraft is subtlety, and the utility and dramatic nature of the effects it can create keeps it from being reduced to a minor school of magic.

The recognized major schools of magic are Demonology, Sorcery, Theurgy, Warlockry, Witchcraft, Wizardry.