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Names tend to be direct, functional, and often descriptive. Ethsharites are generally unimaginative when it comes to names, naming things as directly as possible; like the World.


Personal names are generally constructed of a given name and a moniker of some sort. There are only a couple hundred given names in general use, though the frequency of use varies between names and by area. The boy's name Kelder is the single most common name in the World. An individual's given name gets uniqueness through the addition of a cognomen. This may be a job, e.g. Valder the Innkeeper or Derithon the Mage; place name, e.g. Kelder of Shulara or Tobas of Telven; patronymic, e.g. Seth Thorun's son; title, e.g. Chairman Hanner or Lord Faran; or other descriptor, e.g. Fendel the Great, Irith the Flyer, or Kalirin the Clever. Some individuals, who have particularly unusual names or have significantly distinguished themselves, may go without such a moniker; examples include Esmera, Iridith, and Aldagon.

It has been noted that northerners seem to prefer patronymics more than modern Ethsharites, though the accuracy of this may be questionable. In the Hegemony of the Three Ethshars it seems to be much more popular to take a place name as cognomen, however all usages are common enough regardless of region.

True Name[]

A true name is the first name by which an individual recognized themselves. True names are an important concept in some types of magic, and wizardry in particular is known for using true names to direct some spells.


Place names are frequently recycled and often descriptive. For example, in Ethsharatic Eth means "good" or "safe" while "Shar" means "harbor" or "port," and it's been used to name all three of the major cities of the current dominant power, which shares the same name, and they all share the name with the Holy Kingdom of Ethshar. Similarly there are Shan on the Desert and Shan on the Sea; Sardiron of the Waters and Dry Sardiron (though these names are Northern in origin; not to mention the two Tintallions fighting what's still considered a civil war.

Shan means something like “base,” or “starting point.” [1]

Name Meanings[]

  • Aldagon - "She who is great among dragons"
  • Wirikidor - "Slayer of Warriors" or "Mankiller"