The Northern Empire lay to the north and east of the mountains of Sardiron. Like Old Ethshar it extended itself vastly during the Great War, and it controlled virtually all of what are now the Northern Lands. The Northern Empire was never a sea power and never had a major port anywhere.[1]

In the final part of the war all the eastern lands of both nations were obliterated and the heartland of the Northern Empire received similar treatment, though it is unknown if the gods or demons were responsible for the destruction of the Northern Empire itself. This cataclysmic created the Great Northern Desert where the heart of the Northern Empire once was.

The capital was the Black City.


Little is known about the society of the Northern Empire except that it relied on Sorcery and Demonology more than Wizardry or Theurgy. To the point that the half-demon shatra were a part of the society.

The Northern Empire was an empire, and polyglot — at its peak its people spoke about a hundred languages in fifteen families, most of which died out gradually as their speakers were absorbed by the larger culture. Shaslan was its administrative/military language. [2]

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