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Like the short stories the Ethshar novels generally stand alone reasonably well, not needing to be read in a particular order, though particular cycles or chains are starting to emerge as more books are printed. Unlike most constructed world fantasy the scope of the stories tends to be personal rather than cosmic. Even when major events happen they tend to be background to the personal stories, such as the end of the Great War, typically the set piece for a fantasy novel, being relegated to a background component of the story of Valder the Innkeeper.

The first six Ethshar novels were published by Ballantine Books's Del Rey imprint, all of them being accepted and nominally edited by Lester Del Rey. The seventh and eighth were published by Tor Books, but disappointing sales led Tor to ask Lawrence Watt-Evans to concentrate on his non-Ethshar material which generated much better sales. After writing several non-Ethshar fantasy novels for Tor Watt-Evans began experimentally serializing the ninth Ethshar novel, The Spriggan Mirror, on his website under a modified form of the Street Performer Protocol. That novel was published in trade paperback, along with the following, The Vondish Ambassador. On 6 March 2011 LWE completed the third Ethshar serial The Final Calling [1].

List of Ethshar Novels[]

By Publishing order[]

  1. The Misenchanted Sword
  2. With a Single Spell
  3. The Unwilling Warlord
  4. The Blood of a Dragon
  5. Taking Flight
  6. The Spell of the Black Dagger
  7. Night of Madness
  8. Ithanalin's Restoration
  9. The Spriggan Mirror
  10. The Vondish Ambassador
  11. The Unwelcome Warlock
  12. The Sorcerer's Widow
  13. Relics of War
  14. Stone Unturned

By Internal Chronology[]