The Holy Kingdom of Ethshar or Old Ethshar refers to the area in the south east part of the known world which is now known as the Small Kingdoms. Old Ethshar covered the area surrounding the southern mountain range, reaching from the Gulf of the East at its western border to somewhere in what's now the Great Eastern Desert. It ran from the southern edge of the World north to open grasslands in the area between the two mountain ranges, somewhat north of the northern end of the Gulf. During the Great War Ethshar and the Northern Empire split the entire world between them with a fluctuating frontier. Sometime during the Great War the Kingdom of Ethshar fell to internal division and began splitting into smaller and smaller kingdoms until the generals prosecuting the war simply ceased recognizing or answering to the civilian government.

Ethshar has always used Theurgy and Wizardry much more extensively than Demonology or Sorcery, a direct difference from the Northern Empire.