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The Small Kingdoms refers to an area in the south east part of the known world which was once covered by "The Holy Kingdom of Ethshar" or "Old Ethshar." The Small Kingdom covers the area surrounding the southern mountains, reaching from the Gulf of the East at its western boarder to the Great Eastern Desert. Running from the southern edge of the World north to open grasslands in the area between the two mountain ranges, somewhat north of the northern end of the Gulf.

Sometime during the Great War, the Kingdom of Ethshar fell to internal division and began splitting into smaller and smaller kingdoms until there were two hundred and four Small Kingdoms as of 5220 YS. This number, which had increased pretty steadily for centuries and then stabilized around 5100 YS, starts to decrease after that, as a result of empire-builders like Vond.[1]

While mid level magicians, such as those who have set up shops and sell their skills, are more reliably found in the Hegemony of the Three Ethshars, magicians who are wealthy and powerful enough that they’re no longer doing magic for hire are more common in the north and central Small Kingdoms. Meanwhile the southern Small Kingdoms are very poor in magic.[2]

Because of the proliferation of powerful magicians and the history of Old Ethshar with magic, particularly wizardry, there are numerous powerful magical landmarks in the Small Kingdoms. Some, like the Tower of Flame are the result of minor spells gone awry while others like the Towers of Lumeth and enchanted forests are the result of various spells[3].

Eastern Small Kingdoms

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