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Spell of True Ownership
Order: 8
Created by: Unknown
Effect: item and person are bound together
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Novels and Short Stories
The Misenchanted Sword

Spell of True Ownership is an 8th order spell which binds an object to its owner. The power and invasiveness of this spell is demonstrated repeatedly in The Misenchanted Sword by the ways Wirikidor returns to its owner. Two of the more dramatic methods of return demonstrated include confusing nearby individuals so they pick the object up without realizing it and find themselves drawn to the area of the owner or creating small earthquakes to unearth it if buried. One wizard who studied Wirikdor noted that it is unclear if an object enchanted with this spell truly belongs to the owner or visa versa.

While the full ingredients of the spell are not known, a gold ring is required, apparently due to the unchanging nature of gold; when [Fendel the Great] accidentally substituted a brass ring while creating [Wirikidor], the resulting spell was unstable and impermanent. One of the wizards analyzing the spell claimed that this was because "Only gold never tarnishes, not whatever was used here."