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Spriggans are one of the few sentient races in the World of Ethshar. Intensely magical, they emerged from a mirror which was accidentally misenchanted in YS 5221. There are roughly half a million of them in the World, but they cannot reproduce, being created by the mirror. The process which was creating them was stopped in 5228.

"It was roughly human in shape — but it also looked a good bit like a frog, an impression aided by its lipless, oversized mouth and bulging pop-eyes. Its shiny, hairless skin was a dull green — Gresh thought he had seen a few that were more of a brown color, but this one was definitely an ugly shade of drab green. It came no more than halfway up his shin; if it stood straight and stretched its bony arms, those long-fingered little hands could probably reach his knee. "This one apparently had no fingernails; some of them did, though. He remembered hearing that some could use their fingernails to pick locks. ... "One thing he discovered, having one this close, was that they did not seem to have any odor at all."

The Spriggan Mirror

Spriggans are intensely curious and sensitive to magic, particularly wizardry, which is part of how they came to exist. Through the course of events in the Spriggan Mirror its revealed that the Spriggans in Ethshar are flawed reflections of the dominant creatures which exist on another world, the Ethsharite creatures being created without memory when one of the creatures in the other world looks into a mirror. The steady flow of new spriggans is stopped, however, preventing the world from eventually being completely overrun. As a result of their magical nature they are immortal and virtually impossible to kill without high-order magic.