The Spriggan Mirror is a mirror enchanted with a flawed version of Lugwiler's Haunting Phantasm by Tobas of Telven. The flawed enchantment caused the mirror to create spriggans, until it was stopped. Spriggans remain magically bound to the mirror, granting them immortality and invulnerability, but also meaning that a number of effects which can be applied to the mirror effect the spriggans. One of the most notable effects is that breaking the mirror causes the number of spriggans to multiply proportionally to the number of pieces which are created. Similarly, while the mirror was within an area subject to Ellran's Dissipation not only did the mirror cease producing spriggans, but the spriggans became subject to harm as normal creatures. The mirror has been placed in the hands of Tobas of Telven for safekeeping, to ensure that the mirror never again produces spriggans and that it is not harmed. He has a small retinue of spriggans who are assigned, ostensibly, to verify this latter end is carried out.