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Novel: The Blood of a Dragon
First Published: November 1991, Del Rey Books
Main Character: Dumery of Shiphaven, Teneria of Fishertown
When a young boy can't make his dream of being a wizard come true he decides to get magic any way he can. Meanwhile, a young witch sent after him by his parents is having adventures of her own.
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The Blood of A Dragon is the fourth of the Legends of Ethshar, coming after the Unwilling Warlord and before Taking Flight. This is the story of a lad named Dumery of Shiphaven who desperately wants to be a magician, but has no talent for magic at all. The best apprenticeship he can hope for, he decides, is to become one of the people who supplies the wizards with dragon's blood -- and that doesn't work out too well, either... This book is a direct precursor to the planned novel Dumery of the Dragon and Lawrence Watt-Evans has hinted that both will have some influence on The Final Calling.