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Spoilers: The Misenchanted Wiki does not provide individual spoiler warnings. You should be aware of the possibility of encountering a spoiler at any time while browsing.

Welcome to The Misenchanted Wiki
- the wiki dedicated to the setting of Lawrence Watt-Evans' Legends of Ethshar novel series!

We have 437 articles with 3,548 edits since July 2010!!

While the wiki is by no means exhaustive, there's lots and lots of pages that can help you find most information you're looking for! The wiki is designed for readers to be able to look up facts, tidbits, and trivia from the novels and short stories.

The Misenchanted Wiki is now in it's 10th year, but, there is still a lot to do. There's been at least one pass over all the books and stories, but there are certainly things that have been missed and ways to improve the material here. There's plenty of room for adding characters, plots, nations, and all sorts of minutiae. People still comment on things that we've missed (so far!) and LWE is regularly dropping tidbits about the world in various blogs, newsgroups, and interviews.

It is worth saying that this entire wiki is designed as one big spoiler. The goal is to help people who have read all the stories check if that last nagging bit actually is the reference they think it is, or to help those who want to roleplay in the world of Ethshar get as much of what's in the stories onto their gaming table as possible. So, if you don't want spoilers: you've been warned.

Take a look at some of the more popular pages on the Misenchanted Wiki!
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Please make yourself at home. There are some Writing Guidelines to be worked towards, but right now completeness, wikification (read; cross linking between articles), checking of grammar, and verification of accuracy are the top priority. Also, if you know of some other Word of God material, please add it (preferably with a link!) or at least put a link to it onto the appropriate discussion page so someone else who will add it is more likely to find it. If you're an artist, we'd love to have some pictures to liven the place up.

Oh, and while there isn't an "official" Ethshar wiki, Lawrence Watt-Evans does include mention of it on the official website, is an admin here, and corrects us from time to time.

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