The Spell of the Black Dagger 1
The Spell of the Black Dagger
First Published: July 1993, Del Rey Books
Main Character: Lady Sarai, Tabaea the Thief
Small time thief Tabaea discovers one of the secrets of wizardry. When she makes a mistake in the spell she creates something she thinks will allow her to become the Empress of Ethshar.
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The Spell of the Black Dagger is the sixth book in the Legends of Ethshar, between Taking Flight and Night of Madness. One of the more epic books of the series, this is the story of how Tabaea the Thief thought she had learned how to make an important wizard's tool, an enchanted dagger called an athame. She made a slight mistake in performing the spell, however, and the resulting black dagger was something else entirely -- something that she thought she could use to become Empress of Ethshar... This book involves a number of characters from With a Single Spell, who appear again in The Spriggan Mirror, and is set in Ethshar of the Sands.




  • Dwomor
  • Tobas & Karanasis' otherworld castle






  • Serem the Wise guildmaster, wizards' guild
  • Lirrin - Serem's apprentice
  • Ederd IV
  • Lord Tollern -Minister of the treasury
  • Sirinita of somewhere -Warlock of the Council
  • Captain Deru of the Guard - swordmaster tabaea killed
  • Inza the Apprentice -Apprentice warlock Tabaea killed, student of Luris the Black
  • Athaniel the Theurgist -theurgist tabaea killed
  • Karitha of the East End -demonologist tabaea killed
  • Sansha of Smallgate - small time thief and friend of Tabaea, sold into slavery for theft.
  • Ista - servant to the overlord
  • Lethe - servant to the overlord
  • Jandin, mistress of the wardrobe
  • Annara the Graceful - Ederd IV's granddaughter
  • Luralla the Warlock
  • Heremon the Mage -guildmaster of the Wizards' Guild
  • Algarin of Longwall -guildmaster of the Wizards' Guild
  • Kalthon the Younger -Lord Kalthon's son and Sarai's younger brother. Heir apparent to the position of Lord of Justice.
  • Abran of Demerchan