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Novel: The Spriggan Mirror (Novel)
First Published: January 2007, Wildside Press
Main Character: Gresh
Gresh is hired to find the Spriggan Mirror.
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The Spriggan Mirror is the ninth Legend of Ethshar, coming after Ithanalin's Restoration and before The Vondish Ambassador in publishing order. This is the first of the Ethshar Serials. It is a direct sequel to With a Single Spell, though many of the characters were in the novel the Spell of the Black Dagger and the events of Ithanalin's Restoration are referenced.

In With A Single Spell magical little creatures called spriggans were introduced that are created by a magic mirror that's been lost somewhere in the mountains of the Small Kingdoms. As long as the mirror is out there it keeps producing more spriggans, so their numbers are steadily increasing.

Spriggans are drawn to wizardry, and have a habit of getting underfoot at inopportune moments, interrupting spells, knocking over delicate equipment, and otherwise causing trouble.

Eventually, at the urging of Ithanalin the Wise and various other people, the Wizards' Guild decides that something must be done about this nuisance. Since Tobas of Telven accidentally created the mirror and is therefore responsible, he and his wives, Karanissa of the Mountains and Alorria of Dwomor, are instructed to deal with the matter.

Tobas knows what the mirror looks like, and roughly where it was last seen -- but that doesn't mean finding it will be easy, even with magical aid. So he hires an expert, a man named Gresh who has made a career of finding things for wizards.

And nobody said that dealing with it once it's found would be easy, either.