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Novel: The Unwelcome Warlock
First Published: January 18, 2012, Wildside Publishing
Main Character: Chairman Hanner
What happens to all the warlocks when their magic disappears and all the Called warlocks return?
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The Unwelcome Warlock is the eleventh Legend of Ethshar and under the name The Final Calling was the third Ethshar Serial supported by reader donations. A sequel to Night of Madness, The Unwilling Warlord, and The Vondish Ambassador it features Chairman Hanner, Sterren of Semma, Vond and a number of other characters including many Called warlocks. It has already been stated that a number of other installments to the Ethshar series will be referenced, including The Blood of a Dragon. LWE has said that the book Dumery of the Dragon should have been written first [1], so it may also be referenced.

The Final Calling was completed on 6 March 2011 and was published by Wildside Press under the title The Unwelcome Warlock.





Empire of Vond[]


  • Lady Kalira
  • Lady Arris
  • Prince Ferral
  • Lord Goluz
  • Lord Vorash

Ethshar of the Spices[]