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The Kingdoms of Tintallion sit on the central-west coast, an area which had changed hands several times between Ethshar and the Northern Empire during the Great War, and the large island about forty miles offshore. From the western coast of the Isle it is possible to see the noxious gasses at the edge of the World.

After the Hegemony of the Three Ethshars ceased worrying about lands that had belonged to the Northern Empire the area became the Kingdom of Tintallion. It has, however, been fighting a messy civil war since the fifty-second century.

Civil War[]

In the fifty second century the royal line of Tintallion produced a set of twins, but while the boys were still infants the wet-nurse got mixed up regarding which was first. When the king died, each claimed the crown, gathered supporters, and fought for his claim to be recognized. By the second generation of the feud the Kings of Tintallion, King Serulinor of the Coast and King Buramikin of the Island, had established their claims and positions.


The people of Tintallion speak their own language, Tintallionese, and are more predisposed to lighter hair colors. Red hair, in particular, is considered a trait indicating Tintallion heritage.