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Tobas of Telven
Born: YS 5204,
Age: 34
Trade: Wizardry
Master: Roggit
Home: Dwomor
Birth Place: Telven
Married to Karanissa of the Mountains, Alorria of Dwomor
Parent of Alris of Dwomor
Novels and Short Stories
With a Single Spell, The Spell of the Black Dagger, The Spriggan Mirror

Tobas of Telven was born in 5204 YS, and called Telven his home for much of his life. He lived in the Pirate Towns, and expected to live a happy life off the inheritance from his father, a successful pirate, until his father's ship was taken down (with all his father, all hands, and all his father's wealth) when a demonologist aboard a ship the pirates were attacking called forth the demon Degorran. Subsequently Tobas managed to acquire an apprenticeship to the village wizard, Roggit, even though at 15 he was clearly too old to normally begin an apprenticeship. The wizard had misgivings about Tobas' apprenticeship and was very slow in teaching him, failing to get past creating his athame and teaching him a single spell (Thrindle's Combustion) before dying.

Tobas then sets out, eventually finding his way into adventures far beyond his desire in the Kingdom of Dwomor, meeting a number of characters including Peren the White, Azraya of Ethshar, and his two wives Karanissa of the Mountains and Alorria of Dwomor. Not to mention unintentionally enchanting the mirror that creates spriggans.

Tobas is later brought to Ethshar of the Sands to help deal with the trouble caused by Tabaea the Thief. He is brought in as a "specialist in antimagic" because of his familiarity with Ellran's Dissipation from finding a subjected area in the Small Kingdoms.

Later he is told to deal with the spriggan problem.

Known: Thrindle's Combustion, Lugwiler's Haunting Phantasm, Lesser Spell of Invaded Dreams, Galger's Lid Remover, Galger's Singing Spell, Spell of Prismatic Pyrotechnics