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Tracel's Adaptable Potion
Order: ?
Created by: Tracel
Effect: potion
Water, wine, human blood, powdered goat's hoof, a pot, a fire Athame symbol
Novels and Short Stories
Ithanalin's Restoration

Tracel's Adaptable Potion makes spells easily portable and instantly available. This spell creates a potion which a wizard can then put a spell in for later use. Each batch produces seven uses of the cast spell. The potion itself is created but then needs a full day to cool after preparation. The second part of the spell, when the wizard actually puts the chosen spell into the potion, can only be performed after after the brew has cooled for twenty-four hours.

Components; Water, wine, the caster's athame, human blood (the caster's own is generally fine), powdered goat's hoof, a pot in which to mix the components, and a fire.