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Valder the Innkeeper
Born: YS 4973,
Age: 265
Trade: Innkeeper, Assassin, Soldier
Apprentices: Asha of Amramion
Home: Inn at the Bridge
Birth Place: Kardoret
Married to Iridith
Novels and Short Stories
The Misenchanted Sword, Taking Flight, The Blood of a Dragon

Valder the Innkeeper aka Valder of the Magic Sword aka Valder of Kardoret was a Scout First Class in the last days of the Great War, stationed in the area that is now Tintallion, until a chance encounter with a powerful hermit wizard left him in possession of the (mis)enchanted sword Wirikidor. Although the sword would prevent Valder from dying, he continued to age until he began to worry about being incapacitated but eternally alive. When he set out to solve the problem, either through breaking the spell or killing the remaining count for his sword he encountered, and rescued, Iridith; a wizard powerful enough to have made herself eternally young. She provided eternal youth to go with Valder's immortality and the two were married. Valder owns two inns: the Inn at the Bridge and the Crimson Wolf. Alternates which he lives at to cover his perpetual youth, returning claiming to be his own son.

The legendary, and wildly fantastic, adventures of Valder of the Magic Sword are theoretically based on Valder and are often used as children's tales.