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Varen's Levitation
Order: ?
Created by: Varen
Effect: levitation
a lantern, a silver coin, a seagull's feather Athame symbol
Novels and Short Stories
Night Flight, Ithanalin's Restoration

Varen’s Levitation this simple, less than fourth order, spell allows the caster to ascend on a magical set of stairs created as they move, walk around at a level, then walk down a set of stairs. Once the caster stops walking up they can rise no further with the spell, and once the caster starts descending they cannot stop. Only their feet can touch this invisible staircase, so it is possible for them to be knocked off and items obviously cannot be set down.

The spell is broken if the caster loses contact with the lantern, stops concentrating on the spell, or if their foot touches earth.

Components; a lantern, a silver coin, a seagull's feather, and the caster's athame.

(compare Tracel’s Levitation)