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Wizard Spell: Varrin's Greater Propulsion
Order: ?
Created by: Varrin
Effect: levitation
seven pure white stones, iron fallen from the sky, a peacock plume, a thick black candle, a blue glass bottle, a dagger carved from rock crystal and sharpened with a feather, several pounds of seawater-scented incense, a silver censer Athame
Novels and Short Stories
With a Single Spell, The Unwelcome Warlock

Varrin's Greater Propulsion is used in the enchantment of flying castles. The exact limits of the spell's ability are unknown, although it is obviously much more powerful than Varrin's Lesser Propulsion. Varrin's Greater Propulsion has a limited duration, and must be periodically re-cast.

It was used to propel at least two flying castles - that of Derithon of Helde (which fell after the disgruntled apprentice Seth Thorun's son cast Ellran's Dissipation upon it) and one in the Small Kingdom of Mannamor (which was gradually lowered when the maintenance of the spell became inconvenient). The castle in Mannamor (which is almost level) is still in use by the kings of Mannamor.

Varrin's Greater Propulsion takes at least two days to perform[1] and can only be completed when both moons are full.

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