The Writing Guidelines that are the eventual goal for The Misenchanted Wiki are as follows;

  • In-world; avoid references to Earth. Comparisons to real technology, events, etc should be avoided. Some exceptions, especially around stories like The God in Red, are necessary but generally try to explain things in a way a character in Ethshar would understand it. Obviously articles on the novels and Short Stories themselves are going to break this.
    • The text of this wiki should cover the latest in-world date of events with prior events being treated as history. Currently this means 5236 YS.
    • Sometimes its clear that misconceptions have become widespread and sometimes its unclear which of several alternate explanations is true, such as when someone is actually present for an event.
      • If possible, present the "truth" and include misconceptions as exactly that.
      • If the "truth" is unknown, present the known facts and explanations, setting out which is known to be which.
  • Formal; the articles should be in reference format. They should be something like a master wizard presenting research on the topic to an apprentice or fellow wizards. This does not mean that it should be impenetrable magnobabble, it should still be accessible and understandable, but not overly social.
  • Referenced; as best possible cite where you find information. If something is said directly in a book that book is the reference, if it's online link to the site.
  • Limit speculation to Discussion pages; Only Word of God on the article pages.

(more to come.)